Sherry Sadler

Waukee, IA, USA
  • Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

I make Medicare Easy!

Sherry is a jack of all trades, and has spent several decades working in retail, and as a real estate agent.  For the past several years, she has added Medicare Agent to her resume.  She is proficient in Medicare Advantage plans, and DSNP plans which are designed for those people who have Medicare AND Medicaid (state assistance).   Her son, Duhran, was the person who introduced her to Medicare sales, and she has really enjoyed getting to expand her horizons and help seniors with one of the most important decisions they are faced with.  She originally was only selling insurance for one insurance company, but then realized that there are so many other carriers out there, and she wanted to give her clients a wide selection of plans to choose from.

Sherry has always loved helping people, especially with something as important as their insurance.  Her focus is on educating her clients, and then helping them select the plan that will give them the best benefits and at the same time, save them money.  With so many people living paycheck to paycheck, even a $20 per month savings can make a huge difference in their lives.

Originally born and raised in the small town of Caldwell, Kansas, she moved with her family to Iowa in 1985, and it is here that she considers “home”.  Sherry hasa 3 grown children – Duhran, Zachary and Jorda – and 5 grandchildren, ranging in ages from 22 months to 14 years old.  They all call her granny, and she just loves them all to pieces!  Sherry loves to spend time with her family, and looks forward to her “Girls night out” with her lady friends.  Her favorite pastime is to take old windows and turn them into pieces of art.

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